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Kohanek, John D., Age 59

Kohanek John website

Date of Birth: 07/13/1957

Date of Death: 07/06/2017

Services: Memorial Mass Saturday (7-22-17) 10:00 AM at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, Omaha, Nebraska.

Visitation: Saturday (7-22-17) 9:00 to 10:00 AM at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, Omaha, Nebraska.

Interment: Calvary Cemetery, Omaha, Nebraska.

Memorials: In lieu of flowers memorials to St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, Omaha, Nebraska

Preceded in death by father, James Kohanek, Sr.; sister, Kathleen Kohanek.
Survived by mother, Zita Kohanek of Omaha, Ne.; brother, James (Pamela) Kohanek, Jr. of Miami, Fla,; sister, Mary (Ray) Ostronic of Omaha, Ne.; aunts, Eileen Purnell of Denver, Co., Theresa Kohanek of Omaha, Ne.; nieces and nephews.

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Comments (18)

  • Mark McDermott

    John and I have been the best of friends since meeting at I-Go furniture moving... We attended in person and viewed through tv - hundreds of Husker football, basketball and baseball games and Cardinal baseball games together. From Lincoln NE to South Bend IN to Winston Salem NC to Austin,TX to Piscataway NJ and St Louis MO the tailgating and the memories are all good! Softball - an intimidating prescence behind the plate and the field general, Frisbee - hours of throwing the disk in the parks. "Discussions" - Literally thousands of hours in person and on the phone developing solutions to world, national and local problems - especially Husker and Cardinal issues. His move to the east cost left a huge hole in my life and we were able to get together in person in NJ and Omaha a few times. We talked on the phone at least a couple of times a month and every Saturday and Sunday when the Huskers played football. Our last conversation covered many topics - his upcoming 60th birthday the next week, should Erstad be fired? will the Huskers run the ball this fall? Who will be the QB? What is the best thing Trump has done so far? Will the Republicans allow his agenda to move forward? a new must read book recommendation authored by Mark Levin....He was looking forward as always... Strong, dedicated, reliable, intense, hard working, passionate and loyal - a friend for life. Now he is gone from this world to a better place. He is missed and will always be missed. RIP Milt! Love, Frosty

  • steve c binder

    I honestly don't know where to start. In fact, I almost did not share my thoughts on this site because it would never do justice to the man I knew not only as HBubb, but as one of my oldest, dearest friends ever. But then I determined that even if I have to condense down my thoughts, they were better to share with whoever reads this page, and if they can learn just a little bit more about the man that I knew for 40 years and was the best man at my wedding, then perhaps I've accomplished something in his name and memory, which I will always hold dear.
    I first met John at orientation at IGO Moving and Storage, which we both thought was incredibly stupid and therefore I knew there was a possibility of a friendship right then and there. We went out on the same truck almost every day, taking most of the heaviest loads, and it wasn't because of me, but that big, brawny dude kicking furniture butt every day. From there it was on to college, rooming with him for a year, then post college with lots of good times spent listening to music (Little Feat was our favorite jam session), followed by many wonderful times golfing every year on our Rude Brothers outings with CJ and Jimmy. John was opinionated, super Republican, and a Cardinal fan. I am very opinionated, liberal and a Cubs fan, but it never stood int he way of our friendship. John stood for many qualities I admire, chief among which were loyalty, predictability, being responsible, principled, and most of all, possessing a huge heart. As just one of many examples of this, last summer he met me and my 14 year old son up in Cooperstown for the weekend. Unbeknownst to me, he went to the Hall of Fame, and bought me and Quinn Cubby shirts as a souvenir, which I know must have been a very painful thing for him to do, but he did it anyway.
    Johnny was also the biggest snorer I ever heard, and he loved to grill the flesh and play with his dogs. He also left the longest voice mails known to mankind, and was one of the most fired up softball players I have ever played with - his blocking of the plate was legendary stuff. I always thought there were two incongruous things about him: 1) that as big of a guy he was that he most often squeezed himself into little cars, and 2) that the guy I considered to BE Omaha ever left there. He was stubborn as all get out, did not take good care of himself, and in the last few years when we would talk he got more emotional than I had ever experienced in him before. I saw him just 2 months ago when I came out east on a business trip, and we went to Yankee Stadium for a ballgame. I hugged him goodbye int he parking garage and of course had no idea that would be the last time I would see my good friend. Since I heard the news, I have been and will forever miss him dearly. RIP Husker Bubb.

  • Chris Amberg

    So many good times with HuskerBubb: grilling Wohlner's filets smothered in Andrias steak sauce; Mutual's golf league; debating politics while smoking fat cigars; your silly Husker dance when they sc scored. Steely Dan, Fagen, Doobies, Buffet, Coco Montoya and Chris Duarte. Wresting with Osborne, wrestling with the damn hardtop on the Wrangler Spring and Fall. Sad when you moved East, but saddest of all today. Wishing you peace from this tumultuous world - miss you, John!

  • Gary Kubat

    Worked with you at Mutual in Small Group Department. We had the best times. Big stein beer at
    the Chicago Bar on Friday nights. Never had a Schlotzsky's sandwich until I met you!
    We nicknamed you Big John.
    Miss you and love ya!!

  • Jay Withrow

    Man, we did it all by living the original dream in the late ‘70s. We took NU and Lincoln by storm, dudes, from the benefits of beer, girls, parties, softball, the Cherry Hut and some studying to Bob Seger and Boston, last-minute Husker losses to Switzer and the Sooners, Horsefeathers, Little Bo’s, Screw Mizzou Night at Uncle Sam’s, the old Camaro and the new Chrysler Cordoba.
    R.I.P., Big John, you will forever be in our thoughts.

  • Jim McMenamy

    I worked with John at Mutual of Omaha when he was our Dental product expert. John was not only really funny, he was very kind and never made me feel weird when I didn't know something. He was looked up to by many at Mutual. So very sorry for this loss to the world!

  • Terry Gamm

    My deepest sympathies to John's family and friends. May the wonderful memories help all of us during this difficult time -- John is still with us in our hearts and will help us during this part of his journey and beyond. Love you John

  • Bob Sullivan

    You will definitely be missed brother. I will always have fond memories of our time in college together from Abel Hall to Lexington Avenue. To second what Jim McGuire said "We'll see you again one day my brother." May God bless your family and friends.

  • Joe Gilbert

    I met John the fall of 1975 when he and Dave Welton lived next door in Abel Hall on the UNL campus. John introduced me to high quality stereo equipment and we spent hours listening to music. John was strong as an Ox and fun to workout with and participate with in intramural sports.

    John and I were roomates in Abel the 1976-77 school year. Lots of rock concerts, UNL football games and meals together. Our floor of the dorm became co-ed that fall and we had lots of fun organizing activities with the girls. The only time bad judgement resulted in a trip to the Lincoln municipal jail for me, John put his reputation on the line and got me released into his care. I swear he borrowed every alarm clock on our floor and placed them around my bed. He made it clear I needed to be in court the next morning at 9am. I appreciated his help and didn't let him down. Sorry to hear of your passing my friend. My sincere condolences to family and friends. John was a great guy.

  • Jim McGuire

    I will miss John deeply! First meeting him at Abel Hall in college in the fall of ’75. Listening about his stories of summer jobs at I-Go Moving. He turned out to be my college roommate for 4 years in Lincoln. Going on road trips at night to missile silos in the middle of nowhere with his brown Camaro listening to ELP. Playing softball throwing from the outfield to a tenacious catcher behind the plate. Going on my first ski trip ever to Minnesota with pull ropes. Various college breaks trips a couple going to visit his brother in Miami seeing the ocean for the first time. Attending his wedding in Omaha. Playing in his meticulously organized Pigskin Prophets football game. His latent found love for dog ownership who his first was named Osborne (he pronounced Osburn). Going on Rude Brother golf trips where I learned his penchant for photography. The trip with him down to Cape May, NJ. I truly considered him a brother, brother of a different mother. Will see you again one day my brother!

  • Diane Baquero

    I worked with John at Delta Dental. John was always helpful, respectful and polite to me. I will miss the day to day conversation, his sense of humor and laugh. He will be truly missed at work.

  • Skip McKeeman

    I spoke with John just before Independence Day. I usually spoke with him at least once a month by telephone. I met John in college and we have stayed friends ever since. I have never met anyone with as big a heart as John. I count him as one of my best friends and mourn his loss. He was one of the most sincere and unassuming people I have ever known and he supported me through thick and thin. I will miss him dearly. I will see you later Husker Bubb. Love Skip

  • Vince Farinella

    I worked with John at Delta Dental of NJ. He was a fantastic co-worker, but more importantly, a wonderful person. I enjoyed our conversations about world and political events, and he always had a unique and humorous take on the issues. We often compared notes on our pets and the headaches that come with home ownership. My thoughts and prayers go out to John's family and friends. Take comfort in knowing that many of his friends here in NJ will be always remember him fondly.

  • Betty Barnes

    Jim,My deepest sympathy to you and your family in the loss of your brother.Tough to have to go through that.I have been there three times.Very sad,And so young.Bless you-BB

  • Billy Purnell

    John was my cousin, and a good friend in my childhood. Though I haven't spoken to him in many years, I will always have fond memories of him and his family, and of one amazing night throwing frisbee on the beach in the pouring rain. Rest in Peace my friend.

  • Mary Kohanek Ostronic

    Melanie thank you for your kind words. John was a gentle giant and we are all going to miss him dearly.

  • Mary parenti

    Love to Aunt Zita and Cousins Mary and Jim. Gone too soon.

  • Melanie Rhodes

    I worked with John at Delta Dental of NJ. He was a good man, who was very knowledgeable and had a unique and amusing sense of humor. As he was training me, I saw how very patient and kind he was. Working closely with him and getting to know him better, I saw his admirable love and dedication to his pets (Ruby, his dog and his cat). John will be dearly missed. May the good Lord bring a calming sense of peace and acceptance to all that held John dear.

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