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Sullivan, Michael J. Age 69 years.

Sullivan Michael website

Date of Birth: 04/01/1947

Date of Death: 12/18/2016

Services: A Mass of Christian Burial will be held Thursday, December 22, 2016, 1:00 pm at the St. John Catholic Church on the Creighton University Campus.

Interment: Interment, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. 

Memorials: Memorials are suggested to the Creighton University Scholarship Fund.

Visitation: Visitation begins Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 5:30 pm in the St. John Catholic Church, with a Wake Service at 7:30 pm.

For 35 years Michael was a Master Teacher in some of the best private schools around the country. He was known to be devoted to his students. He taught at St. Alberts and Brownell-Talbot school prior to his retirement in 2010. In addition to being a life long reader, he was an avid Creighton and Hawkeye basketball fan. He was preceded in death by his parents, Joseph Leo Sullivan and Mary Sullivan Cooney; brother, Stephen K. Sullivan. Survived by his wife Eileen Burke-Sullivan; siblings, Patrick (Peggy) Sullivan of Winterset, IA., Jane (Tom) Howard of Anthem, AZ., Mary Carol Sullivan of Knoxville, IA., Sean (Becki) Sullivan of Cumming, IA., Mary Elizabeth (Bruce) Delehenty of Platteville, WI.; sister in law, Nancy Jo Sullivan of Lucas, IA.; numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

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Comments (16)

  • Fr. Jonah Wharff o.c.s.o.

    My prayers and those of the monks of New Melleray Abbey are with you during this time. I am so sorry for your sudden loss. With you, I am confident of God's support for you.

  • Kevin Guinan

    Mr. Sullivan was one of my teachers in middle school. He was one of the very best! He had an uncanny ability to connect with middle schoolers. Unfortunately I have not stayed in contact, but that does not change the positive memories I have of him. My condolences are with his wife and family.

  • Stacy Rooker

    I am so sorry for the loss of Mr. Sullivan. He taught my daughter at St. Alberts and was one of her most favorite teachers. I hope it brings you some comfort to know the amount of lives he has touched with his gifts. Everybody lives, but not everybody leaves their mark on this world. God Bless you all.

  • Danielle

    Dear Eileen,
    Carmen called me today to share the sorrowful news she got via CLC. Please know that you are being held in tender care with prayers from all over the country. Love you and hope that we can talk by phone in the next few days.

  • Fr. John Predmore, S.J.


    I'm very sorry to hear about Michael's death, especially at this time of year. I trust that the Creighton community will be a warm source of consolation and caring. I feel so bad for you. Please know you are in my prayers. I will remember Michael in my prayer at mass this week. May Christ, the Consoler, bless you abundantly with his grace.

  • Carmen

    Eileen, so sorry for your loss. May you feel our Lord's loving and warm embrace today.

    With our love,
    The Castagno Family

  • Devendra K. Agrawal (DK)

    I am sad to hear about the departure of the Holy Soul of your beloved husband, Michael, to heavenly abode.
    May the Holy Soul Rest in Eternal Peace!
    May the Almighty Lord give strength, comfort and peace to you and other members of the family at this time of sorrow and grief!
    May my prayers to Almighty Lord ease the pain of this loss!
    Best regards, DK

  • Alex Higginbotham

    I was a past student of Mr. Sullivan who has stayed in touch with him the past ten years since high school. There was not another person like him, his ability to relate with students and want for you to expand your horizons is something I will always remember about him. We shared many lunches, dinners, stories, and laughter in the past 13 or 14 years that I knew him, and just as I know was the case everywhere he went, he left an impact on the people he came in contact with. He would go out of his way to make sure he could make time for us when we came back in town. I will never forget your positive view of the world and the way you just enjoyed life and saw the greatness in even the small things.

  • Kevin Sullivan

    So bummed at Cousin Mike's passing. He was my older cousin who was born on April Fool's Day, like me. When I was growing up I always enjoyed his calling me on our birthday. He has inspired me to follow Jesus's teachings all my life and to read and study, even when not in school. Before the internet, I used to spend hours at college Libraries, mainly Creighton when I lived around here, looking for the answers to all the questions the world had me asking. Thanks Mike.

  • Judy Talvacchia


    I'm so very sorry to hear about your husband. I send prayers of healing and peace.

    Judy (WJST)

  • Mary Fuhrman

    Dr. Burke-Sullivan,
    I so sorry for the loss of your husband, Michael. Please know that you are and your families are held in my prayer.
    Mary Fuhrman

  • Gerri Mackey

    Eileen - I am so very, very sorry for your loss of Michael. I knew him but a little, through you and visits to your home. I felt his kindness and gentleness every time I visited. I know you will miss him mightily and my thoughts and prayers are with you and Michael's family. Love, Gerri

  • Thomas Conry

    Michael always used to reply "you're the greatest" when complimenting others. HE was the greatest! As a friend of 46 years, I can attest to his brilliance and gifted sense of humor, God bless you, my treasured friend.

  • David E. Watson, SJ

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband Michael. I will be praying for you both during these hard days.

  • Seanie

    Gosh where to start. As I hold back tears while starting to write this, I just cannot thank my Uncle Mike enough for the influence he had on my life. I remember traveling to Boston when I was in high school to go visit him and Aunt Eileen. What a great experience. My Uncle was an incredible teacher with a wealth of knowledge. I remember walking with him through historic Boston and how much I learned while being around him. While I was in Boston, he introduced me to some of his students, and I remember vividly how much they revered him. How much they respected him. While in Boston, my uncle got me to a couple Boston Red Sox games, one in particular, where Ted Williams was honored after he had passed away. While in Boston, my uncle bought me Steve Madden shoes, boy did I feel stylish. My uncle was an aficionado of style, music, culture … cool. He was cool. He was funny, gosh was he funny. His sense of humor rolled off on me immediately. He was smart, so smart, with so much knowledge. While I was in New Orleans in 2014 with my girlfriend Monika, I remember calling him while we were walking the streets and he gave me a history lesson on the spot. He told me to go have a drink at the Napoleon House in the French Quarter and have a Pimm’s Cup. When he moved to Omaha, he invited me to come by to see him and go to some College World Series games in 2013 and I had tickets to go see Phish with my friends when I got home. I remember his frustration that I didn’t have my mind on the trip to Omaha and was thinking about leaving and going to see the band. I think back and wish that I would’ve been more focused on spending time in the moment with my Uncle than worrying about leaving and going to a concert. We both loved music, specifically The Grateful Dead, and I loved talking music with him. My Uncle Mike and Aunt Eileen sent me some flatware this summer. I tried calling him, but could not get a hold of him and left him a message on his phone. He called me back and I missed his call, and he left me a short message on my phone on October 19. I never got to talk to him again. I think about, what the hell was I doing that was so important that I couldn’t call him back? Gosh I wish I could’ve looked beyond what I felt was so important to not call him back, and just called him. Talked to him. “Hello Seanie, I got your message this morning. This is Michael, in Omaha. And, thank you for the call, and I hope I get to talk to you sometime soon. See you later, bye.” Gosh Uncle Mike I wish I could have talked to you one more time, but know that you had a huge impact on me. I love you so much. Your love for your mother, your love for your wife, your love for your family members, your love for your students, your love for your pets, your love for music, your love for life, your love for me. I love you. And I will miss you.



  • Lynn Olson

    I am so sorry about your loss. I pray you have lots of family around you as you deal with this shock. Please know I have added you and your family to my prayers and am sending a virtual hug until I can give one in person. Take care of yourself and give yourself time to start the healing process. SIncerely- Lynn

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