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General Service Information

At John A. Gentleman Mortuaries, our goal is to provide our families with meaningful and appropriate services which celebrate a life.

Personalized Family Care and Attention with Respect & Dignity

Our client families will find comfortable arrangement rooms and a large merchandise selection to customize a loved one's tribute. No two individuals live their lives exactly the same and a final tribute should reflect the personality and life of your loved one.

There are numerous ways to personalize and memorialize a service. We take pride in offering licensed funeral directors who are experts and committed to the services they provide. Their expertise and guidance has been warmly received and helps in eliminating some of the anxiety and uneasiness usually associated with coordinating final arrangements.

You will find several options in selecting printed material from the simplistic to customized memorial folders, prayer cards, register books and service programs. We also offer the capability to display memory boards, personal mementos, and other keepsakes. At John A. Gentleman we do provide the best variety options available to truly create a service celebrating the personality and lifestyle of your beloved. We are adaptable to your desires. Rest assured that the same respect, personalized care and dignity our client families receive from the onset will be given to their loved one through the entire process.

Description of Services

The process of making funeral arrangements can be overwhelming, however an arrangement typically falls into one of the following categories. Our licensed directors are available to help you determine which offers the best options for your specific need.

The Traditional or Full Burial Service
Arrangements are made to have a visitation and funeral service, followed by burial or entombment at the cemetery.

The Direct or Graveside Burial
Arrangements are made to inter or entomb the deceased in a cemetery without having any service or visitation.

The Traditional Cremation
Arrangements are similar to the traditional burial, however following the funeral the deceased is taken to a crematory instead of the procession going to the cemetery.

A Direct Cremation 
Arrangements without a visitation or funeral service.

Memorial Service
Services without the deceased present. A visitation, burial or cremation may or may not have preceded the memorial service.

Assistance With Filing Paperwork
Our expert administrative and accounting staff is available to assist you in processing the necessary paperwork to dispose an estate. You can rely on:

  • Expedited death certificates; special handling for out of town services.
  • All the required and certified documents for international funeral arrangements.
  • Assistance in filing for Veterans' Benefits. Every honorably discharged Veteran of the United States Armed Forces is entitled to a United States Flag to be presented to the next of kin at the conclusion of the funeral service. We will also arrange for an honor guard, burials at national cemeteries and veteran markers if you so desire.
  • Immediate notification to the Social Security Administration.
  • Assistance in filing for life insurance and/or other survivor benefits.