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Death Certificates

For deaths occurring in Nebraska since 1904.

Requests for certified Nebraska death certificates are submitted to the State of Nebraska. The following outlines procedures the State requires before issuing certified certificates.

A certified copy of a death certificate cannot be issued without proper purpose. You may obtain a death certificate for your spouse, your parent, or your child.

Before proceeding insure that you meet the above proper purpose criteria (a request by spouse, parent, next of kin or legal representative of deceased). The statutory file search fee will be retained in the event that no record is located or the proper person has not requested the record. You will be notified in writing if no record is located or proper purpose criteria has not been met.

To receive a Nebraska death certificate by mail, send a $16.00 check or money order (credit cards are not accepted) and the following information:

  • Name of deceased
  • City/town of death/County of death
  • Month/day/year of death
  • Your relationship to decedent
  • Purpose for the record
  • Requestor's Photo identification
  • Necessary Information
  • Year of birth/Birthplace
  • Spouse's full name
  • Father's full name
  • Mother's full maiden name
  • Funeral DirectorFor additional options on obtaining a death certificate and information on making corrections to a record, call or write to Vital Records for instructions or go to Vital Records.

For requests within Douglas County, download the application form and mail your completed form to:

Douglas County Health Department
Civic Center, Room H01
1819 Farnam Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68183

If you have any questions, call (402) 444-7204.

For requests outside of Douglas County and the remainder of the state, download the form and mail your completed form to:

Nebraska Department of HHS Finance & Support
Vital Records
P.O. Box 95065
Lincoln, NE 68509-5065

If you have any questions, call (402) 471-2871.