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How Do You Wish to Be Remembered?


All too often, we let years, decades, even an entire lifetime go by without offering the best of us to those we love. When someone dies, it is like an entire library burning down.

We encourage you to take the time now to capture your personal legacy in a written or oral format. If you have never taken the time to document who you are for those you love – your dreams and accomplishments, the things that matter to you most, the lessons of lasting value that you've learned – take the time now.

We will help you create your legacy for those you love. Document the personal journey you traveled in life - talk about your early childhood, your marriage, children and grandchildren, your career, personal accomplishments, exciting adventures, hobbies and your hope and dreams.

As part of our 100 Year Anniversary Celebration, John A. Gentleman Mortuaries has created a special legacy program to save your family stories, in the voice of the storyteller. All legacies are later reproduced in print or on a cd rom.

Your stories will help your family remember you as they listen to your life, in your voice - generation after generation.