Our Philosophy

John A. Gentleman set personal attention as his first goal when he opened this firm in 1906, and today, our family continues to place your needs as our first priority. When we refer to "Service beyond the Service" you can be assured that the assistance your family receives during the course of a service continues after the funeral has ended.

The Botanical Memorial, is a living memorial that is planted in memory of those we have served. Support groups and other programs designed to help you work through your grief are examples of programs that are intended to support you and your family.

Today, with most of the local funeral service providers being owned by large and many times out of state companies, you should know that as a locally owned firm our loyalty is to the families we serve not to a far off board of director or stockholders. I can assure you will be pleased with the services we will provide, in fact, I personally guarantee that you will be pleased with our services.

Tom Belford, President
John A. Gentleman Mortuaries

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